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Pam Turos

Pam Turos

Website & Software Development | CTA

Job Role: Website + Software Developer

Organization: Cleveland Transformation Alliance

About this Non Profit:
The Cleveland Transformation Alliance (CTA) is a public-private partnership organization working to ensure every student is engaged in a high-quality, equitable education. Working in support of the Cleveland Plan for Transforming Schools, CTA gives families and students the information they need to commit to their best-fit public school while collaborating with families and community partners to advocate for educational equity in Cleveland. Educational equity means that every student gets the services, resources, connections, and learning opportunities they need to realize their full potential, regardless of who they are or where they live.
Position Description:
Cleveland Transformation Alliance is responsible for the management and oversight of the website and its “School Finder Tool” where students and families can find, compare, review and rate public schools. Cleveland Transformation Alliance wishes to develop the system and software needed to address the needs of parents and caregivers—ensuring that every child in Cleveland has access to high quality schools and leveling the playing field for families, students, and neighborhoods that have been historically marginalized. Cleveland Transformation Alliance wishes to create a scalable, self contained, and transferable solution connecting ALL Cleveland parents and caregivers to quick and easy-to-access data and resources about area schools. CTA aims to arm parents and families with the information they seek, to confidently choose the right school for their child.
Position Location:
Essential Duties & Responsibilies:
At project completion, the Cleveland Transformation Alliance will have a self contained, scalable, transferable, mobile-first, and reliable web-based application driving all search, rate and review functionality. It can be packaged and sold to any community for full use. It can be integrated with any website that meets the minimum requirements for integration.

At project completion, this application will be fully integrated with a mobile optimized, (WordPress).

At project completion, the Cleveland Transformation Alliance will have an established relationship with a website/software company for ongoing hosting, website, database, and application management, support and future enhancement.

At project completion, the Cleveland Transformation Alliance will own the relationships and accounts with all related technology providers. CTA will not be future dependent on the vendor that implements/integrates these services. There will be a clear technology road-map that can be followed by any qualified vendor.

The optimal vendor for implementation of the full system architecture, database integration, and mobile-first web application will have demonstrated success in the following:

1. Creating custom data driven applications using PHP
2. Developing custom WordPress solutions
3. Seamlessly integrating WordPress with third party applications
4. Writing custom API solutions
5. Maintaining and supporting WordPress websites, MySQL databases, and web-based integrations”

Project technical requirements/assumptions for the software solution include:

• The end solution is ADA compliant and multilingual–casting the widest accessibility net possible.
• All data storage is cloud-based, secure, scalable, and accessible to all common integration methods.
• All data is EASY to search, customize, view, and assess by any parent or caregiver with access to
• The core application driving all search, rate and review functionality is self contained. It can be packaged and sold to other school districts/communities for full use. It can be integrated with any website that meets the minimum requirements for integration.
• The end solution will think fast, act reliably, and foster data equity with intention.
• The end user application will be designed mobile-first, from the start.

• Cloud Based Hosting
• WordPress Website Hosting with SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
• Cloud Based Data
• Cloudfare (or comparable service) for MySQL database cloud hosting
• Data Communication
• Web Application connecting MySQL database to WordPress Website
• Mobile-first Web Application
• (WordPress Website) + MySQL Data Integration

ADDITIONAL TOOLS: Multilingual Website Service, ADA Compliance Monitoring, Geolocation Service, Analytics


• Development Workflow (Development, Staging, and Production Environments)
• Effortless Site Management Tools
• Automated Website Maintenance
• Disk Write Protection
• Disk Write Limitation
• Disallowed WordPress Plugins
• Web Application Firewall
• User Enumeration
• Disaster Recovery
• Automatic Backups
• Scalability
• 60 – 90 Day Backup Retention
• 24/7/365 Support


• Easy Integration options and API Access
• Load Balancing
• Smart Routing
• Scalability (Auto-storage increase)
• Web Application Firewall
• Disaster Recovery
• Automatic Backups
• 60 – 90 Day Backup Retention
• 24/7/365 Support
• SSL Certificate

“The application will include the following features:
1. Cloud data storage
2. Manual data entry (with bulk options)
3. A scalable import solution that will allow for future changes in state/local datasets
4. Data entry workflow (data review process, before publication)
5. Varying Levels of Admin User Permissions
6. Multi-Language Support
7. Accessibility for All Search Forms
8. Portability, Database Autonomy
9. Data Sorting and Data Ranking
10. Flexible and Customizable results displays


1. Predictive Search
2. Acceptance for common user errors
3. Dynamic Spell-check, Stemming, & Synonym Search functions
4. User Personalization
5. Individualized Data Points


1. Customizable review and rating content, scales, workflows, user forms, etc.
2. Flexible and Customizable Reporting
3. Content Moderation
4. Intelligent Request Functionality (email & on-site)
5. Community generated Q & A
Contract Duration:
CTA prefers a phased project approach, development could start by March 15, 2022 in phases determined in partnership with the selected consultant/agency
Contract Rate of Pay:
Budget for this project is $60,000 – $75,000 which should include all phases of the project + 3 years of website hosting and support
Apply for Position:

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