How does the Trialogue program work?

Trialogue aims to match up the growing pool of qualified contractors with carefully curated and meaningful contract-based job opportunities that support nonprofit organizations. Contractors register on our website, for free, and can view and apply for these opportunities. Our team will review the applicants and will make recommendations to the hiring nonprofit organization(s).

How is this different from other job boards or placement services?

Prior to Trialogue, no such resource existed that lists contract-based opportunities in one dedicated place. Contract work supporting nonprofit organizations is typically earned through long established connections or one-to-one recommendations, antiquated RFP processes, and through significant time searching on traditional job boards for the “diamond in the rough” opportunity.

Trialogue is committed to being its very definition“a scene, discourse, or colloquy in which three persons share”. Existing job boards or placement services may feel their characteristics lend themselves to this definition but their contract descriptions are oftentimes poorly written, positions themselves seem spammy, and rarely are they this focused. We feel that it’s long past time to do things better.

Why Now?

Because the number of contractors, freelancers, those within the gig economy, and small business owners  has never been higher, yet there isn’t one dedicated place where these individuals can go to find rewarding work. Many of us have spent countless unpaid hours sifting through traditional job boards for opportunities, pre and post work happy hour networking events, and applying to tedious RFP’s. We feel that there should be something better, and we feel there is no better time to present it than now.

How does the application process work?

We know how much time you have put into finding opportunities before this service, so we are committed to making this as easy as possible.

The first step is registering here. We ask that you fill out our brief questionnaire and submit your resume, much like you would on a traditional job board. Once registered, you are free to view and apply to job opportunities. Our team will review your qualifications and make recommendations to the hiring organization on your behalf. If they decide to bring you in for an interview, we will contact you and make the necessary introductions. From there, you’re on your own!

This sounds great, there has to be some associated fee though, right? How does Trialogue make money?

As veteran contractors ourselves, we understand the challenges in finding opportunities and are committed to making this service contractor-focused. You will never be charged a fee to register, apply, or pay us anything.

Trialogue negotiates its fee-for-service from the nonprofit directly, prior to the position being listed. What you earn, you keep.

OK, I registered, but I don’t see many opportunities...

More to come, soon! Trialogue launched mid-pandemic, and we expanded with new partners in 2021. This mean we are growing and more opportunities will be available soon. Please be patient as we finalize our partnerships to present the best opportunities with the most direct instructions. With so many organizations in need of specialized help from experts like you, it’ll be worth the wait!

If I apply for a job, am I notified if I am not awarded the project?

One of the most frustrating aspects of the job search is being left in the dark as to the status of your application. We aim to inform all candidates that the position they applied for has been filled. While we won’t automatically consider candidates for new positions that speak to your qualifications, once registered, you are free to apply to as many listed as you like.

Is the pay negotiable?

Our team will be in direct contact building these roles with our partner organizations, and we understand that an important aspect of this is the rate of pay. We will make every effort to negotiate the rate of pay for these roles with the hiring organization ahead of time, and post it publicly for registered contractors in the role’s description. If you are selected for an interview, and a salary range is listed, you are free to negotiate that with the hiring organization. If the salary is not listed as a range, or is listed as a flat rate, the pay is non-negotiable.

How often can I update my resume with Trialogue?

We understand that candidates qualifications change all of the time. Once registered, you are free to upload a new version of your resume at any time.