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Tom Sarago

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We know things operate differently in the nonprofit sector than they do in the business world. Nonprofit work has many built-in rewards, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. You are known for making miracles happen with small teams and tight budgets — but it’s hard to know when, how, or even what to ask for when it comes to hiring outside help. And many nonprofits have been burnt by high-priced consultants who miss the mark when it comes to reaching your goals.


These challenges, along with a rapidly-growing, locally-based independent workforce, was the reason Trialogue launched this past August. Trialogue was designed to connect a talented workforce of marketers, designers, web developers, event planners, development and public relations professionals, grant writers, videographers, and more to meaningful work with local nonprofits. 


When Trialogue launched, the response from the independent contractor community was tremendous. Within weeks, we saw more than 200 locally-based individuals, all with extensive experience supporting the work of nonprofit organizations, register for our service. We had many one-to-one conversations with these individuals, and the feedback was very encouraging. Many wondered why this service hadn’t previously existed and why there wasn’t already a dedicated job board to meet the needs of these two communities: skilled independent contractors and local nonprofits who need their help. (We wondered the same thing!)


Trialogue was grateful to receive coverage in Crain’s Cleveland Business, WEWS, and Fresh Water Cleveland. Our story was being told and everything was going as planned except that all these events took place at the height of COVID-19, amid unprecedented uncertainty for nonprofit organizations.


The uncertainty that many organizations faced resulted in paused programs, shorted hours, budget cuts, or in the worst cases, furloughed staff. It was no longer a priority to launch “extra” projects like an anniversary video, gala event planning, or website updates, even if they had been budgeted for and planned for well ahead of the pandemic. 


This new reality clearly presented a major challenge for Trialogue — so we spent the last few months exploring partnerships that could help meet the changing needs of our community.

Trialogue needed someone who shared an equal vision, who had an equal desire to see nonprofits benefit from connecting with talented individuals in our community, and vice-versa. After many conversations, that path came to light: Trialogue would be acquired by Good Cause Creative


Since its inception in 2015, Good Cause Creative, led by Pam Turos, has supported the work of dozens of local nonprofits. They have assisted organizations with communications efforts and web design, and Pam personally has embarked on major giving campaigns as the founder of WISH Cleveland.  


Trialogue’s mission remains unchanged. Our focus is to make it simple and rewarding for nonprofits to connect to locally-based talent. High-quality, reliable services, and support should be accessible to all, regardless of operation budget. 


How Can Trialogue Help You? 


  • Virtual event support, planning and expertise
  • Donor strategy, board development, event planning
  • Graphic designers can create a new logo (fundraiser event, new sub-brand, etc.)
  • Assistance with website hosting, updates or maintenance
  • Referral to an attorney with nonprofit experience for legal guidance
  • Skilled accounting assistance, including taxes and 990 preparation
  • Special event support including a professional photographer, videographer, or planner.
  • Strategic planning and impact measurement
  • Public relations support and ongoing communication assistance
  • Website redesign or security issues
  • Branding updates, new branding, collateral material design
  • Milestone celebrations through video production, social media or event planning
  • Capitol campaign support or grant writing
  • Executive leadership support, coaching or interim placement


What other ways do you need help? Trialogue has an extensive network of connections in the nonprofit consultant community.  If there are other professional services you need or ways we can help, we’d love to hear from you! 

Click here to set up a time and tell us about your needs.No

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