Isabel Villanueva

Meet the Team: Isabel Villanueva

Have you ever asked someone to describe you in three words?  It’s kind of scary, but also enlightening if you open yourself up to the

Danielle Locke

Meet the Expert: Fundraising Coach

Boards ask a lot of nonprofit executive directors. It’s a 24/7 job. You are asked to successfully manage staffing, initiate and lead programming, oversee operations

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Tom Sarago

Dear Nonprofit Professionals . . .

We know things operate differently in the nonprofit sector than they do in the business world. Nonprofit work has many built-in rewards, but it also comes

Rachel Bevel

Content Marketing for nonprofits: What does that mean?

What exactly is content marketing and what does it have to do with doing good in the world? Take a moment to check your inbox, and you may be surprised by the quantity of “content” from new and forgotten subscriptions — retailers, media outlets, nonprofits, politicians and experts in every field are constantly vying for our attention online.

Rachel Bevel

The story that started it all

In January 2014 a man walked into the Cleveland Public Auditorium during the annual Homeless Stand Down event hosted by Hands-On Northeast Ohio. The auditorium, which can hold up to 10,000 people, was filled that day, buzzing with activity from those in need and volunteers offering their services. Individuals facing homelessness could come and enjoy a day of pampering, community, and support through free haircuts, medical screenings, breakfast, lunch, professional photographers, and personal shopping.


How a simple list transformed our business

There are more than a few ways the nonprofit sector could benefit from the advice and habits of our peers in the “for-profit” ecosystem. And, to be fair, the reverse is equally true. In my role as managing editor for Good Cause Creative and WISH Cleveland, I am constantly striving for the sweet spot between doing good business while doing good in the world.